The Word Of One

Tarot Cards

Increase your mental health

Using tarot cards frequently will increase your mental health as you gain confidence in your ability to make wise decisions.

Physiologists have studied how learning about your self, through self inquiry can have profound impacts on anxiety and depression. In our modern world where we rarely take quiet time to check in with ourselves to see whats behind our overwhelming stress, it is easy to become disconnected to our inner wisdom. Using meditation, journaling, tools like astrology, and tarot can help you connect with your higher self.

Create a sense of inner calm during stressful life changes.

Tarot is a unique problem solving tool that lets you look at the the pros and cons of your future decisions, giving you agency over your future. When you're stuck in your head worrying about one decision or another, life passes you by and others make the decision for you. Working with tarot cards gives you the chance to stop anxiety in its tracks by learning how to make confident decisions by being in alignment with your greatest potential.

Follow your heart's desire and you will notice how life becomes meaningful.

THis deck was created to Shift your CONSCIOUSNESS

The Word Of One tarot cards were channeled through a Ouija board in the 1960's by a group of prominent revolutionary figures who were part of creating the counter culture of mindfulness, meditation, and a life approach centered around universal love.

The Woodstock music festival, the summer of love, the Human Be-In meditation in San Francisco, and so much more were orchestrated by the friends and followers of John Starr Cooke. The counter culture movement wanted to alter the group consciousness of the world through psychedelics, group meditation, and tools like this tarot deck. John had studied tarot cards and occult science for decades before The Word Of One was manifested during many LSD and meditation sessions with his group of revolutionary friends.

When the group asked the Ouija board "who are you", the answer was "we are one".

The Ouija's boards message was clear. The Rider-Waite-Smith medieval tarot deck, defining the age of the patriarchy was ready to evolve! The age of Aquarius was approaching and with this new era, a new deck of cards that no longer worshiped the matriarchy nor patriarchy but a higher minded, community centered, androgynous age, the age of Aquarius.