Royal Maze


10 | Royal Maze


General Aspects:

Androgynous, revelation, individuation, sensing, release, balancing, synthesis

Channeled Through ouija Board:

"The meaning of the ROYAL MAZE is destiny."


In contrast to the Piscean times, the ROYAL MAZE of the Aquarian Age presents greater possibilities of liberation from the wheel. It is the same WHEEL OF FORTUNE; now it contains also the eight fold path of the Buddha (living with right understanding, thought, speech, action livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration).

The elements of air, water, earth and fire appear again as symbols at the four corners of the universe. These four centers are to be balanced within each individual, for the only way out of the ROYAL MAZE is up through the center, the crown of completion.

Interpreted use:

The ROYAL MAZE is not a trap, rather an opportunity to integrate. Remember, the only way out is up.

Reversed (card received upside down):

Don't rely on the lions to hold you up; they might hold you back.