9 | Hermit


General Aspects:

Patriarchal, conquerors, man-made laws, speaking, discipline, duality, antithesis


In the Gypsy card, the HERMIT's face is hidden. Does he indeed have a face? Trying his best to exemplify the wisdom of the Atlantean GUIDANCE, he has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, but his heart is concentrated on finding out how to reach his own god. The HERMIT's robe and staff are symbols of firm monastic faith, which isolate him from the surrounding would about which he reads.

Here again, as in Atlantis, the sun goes down. But now his flickering lamp is not a guiding Venus, and the Serplion has diminished to a wriggling snake.

Interpreted use:

You are your own guide along the way, yes, but light your lamp also for others.

Reversed (card received upside down):

Stop clothing yourself in; you, too, may lose your own face.