Barra Deval


15 | Barra Deval


General Aspects:

Matriarchal, solidifiers, deep causals, hearing, reaction, matrix, thesis


Barra Deval is the negative twin brother of the positive Serplion of creativity, born of the conjunction between the first spark of light and the magnetic force of energy, as depicted in Trump 11, Conjunction. He is the roaring exlting sexual center deep in the earth, which acts and responds to its polar opposite, the light. No sword of the mind can defeat BARRA DEVAL. The blind figures from the dark, standing on either side of him, are caught in sightless acceptance. BARRA DEVAL is the Minotaur, the black bull to be met, included, and balanced as the maze of the Self is explored.

Interpreted use:

Purification through balance. Transformation through energizing the necessary duality of good/ evil.

Reversed (card received upside down):

Beware of submitting to the angry passions of BARRA DEVAL. Unless one transmutes the great negative energy to positive consciousness, there is no way out but total consummation.