The Magic behind Tarot

How the Word Of One tarot came to be.

Tarot gives you access to universal intelligence.

A popular theory is that tarot cards were brought to Europe under the guise of a game by gypsies, thought to have been Egyptians, who fled to Europe during the collapse of the empire. Most tarot decks are made up of 74 cards, 52 typical playing cards Minor Arcana and 22 Major Arcana also known as the Major Trump cards*. The 22 Arcana depict archetypes of human consciousness during an era. Each card represent an aspects of our journey through life. These images and interpretations have changed over the centuries to reflect the archetypal changes that have occurred.

The word of one Tarot was channeled for the Aquarian age, to help guide us through the new possibilities that are coming.

We have just entered into the Age of Aquarius, a time of radical change, where we can access group consciousness to change our future instead of following the lowest common denominator, herd mentality.

The age of Aquarius is about radical change, rebellion against outdated concepts and deep connection to community! This deck shows new archetypes that are that are now available to us that weren't possible during the medieval times.

The Word of One is a powerful deck that will help you to understand what's holding you back from living your best life.

*The term trump was used to define a playing card that was elevated above its oridional weight. On this website we will use the term Arcana (meaning secrets) interchangeably with trump to define the playing cards.

John Starr Cooke

"The Tarot is an ever progressing rendition or map of the inner structures of consciousness. It is a language in itself, a universal language, and its individual cards from a precise alphabet spelled out again and again in new terms to awaken those who seek to know the Self. These symbol pictures are deliberately changed from time to time to harmonize humanity's reaction to universal cycles and to keep the awakening mind in tune with the forces and powers present as age succeeds age." - John Starr Cooke

John Spent his life dedicated to seeking the truth through the occult and ancient spiritual traditions. He lived in North Africa for years, deeply integrating into the Sufi practice of mysticism. Throughout his life he immersed himself into many different religious practices and researched new trends in psychology in his search for universal truths. He believed in the use of LSD for tapping into love. He recognized that this was a possible path to discovering part of the psyche that is not easily accessible in our typical mental state. He used the Ouji board for decades to guide him in each of his life decisions and finally to channel the Word Of One. John and a group of revolutionary figures would meditate, drop acid and use the Ouji board to channel this taro deck. The imagery and interpretations were all dictated by the Ouji board who identified as "We are One".