3 | Omnipotence


General Aspects:

Matriarchal, solidifiers, deep causals, hearing, reaction, matrix, thesis

Quote from American Heritage Dictionary:

"Having unlimited power, authority or force."


OMNIPOTENCE regulates every situation with matriarchal dominance. She rules supreme, representing pre-law, instinctive law. Because OMNIPOTENCE is the heaviest molecular card in the Atlantean deck, any progressive change must be made by her. The full Atlantean MOON is governed by her and appears at her side, and the SUN of energy is held in her hand. Through the syzygy (the configuration of the moon earth and sun in a straight line) the soul is conceived within her, the power of purposiveness is founded. The resulting enormous tides are the cause of the flood which ends the Atlantean epoch and heralds the beginning of life as we experience it on this planet.

Interpreted use:

You have the power of omnipotence. Follow your soul's intuition; let purposiveness govern your tasks.

Reversed (card received upside down):

You may run up against conventionalized emotions, or you may be your own fixated block to freedom.