The Wanderer


23 | The Wanderer


General Aspects:

Androgynous, revelation, individuation, sensing, release, balancing, synthesis

Channeled Through ouija Board:

The WANDERER was dictated as a new card for the Aquarian Age.


The WANDERER is un-pictured. Paint it as you will. One example can be shown as a shepherd with a flock; the adult REACTOR coming down the path of moonlight with the sun's rays streaming through the open arches. It represents one's unique self, never constant, never at rest, the balancing agent of the pendulum of life. It is a chord in the next octave made up of the NAMELESS ONE becoming one with the VIRGIN being within each individual.

Interpreted use:

There is no need in the "one." Abundance is.

Reversed (card received upside down):

You have to "become" before you come to "be". Start writing your own script.