1 | Changer


General Aspects:

Androgynous, revelation, individuation, sensing, release, balancing, synthesis

Channeled through ouija board:

"The CHANGER'S significance cannot be said."


This androgyne of the Aquarian Age is continually balancing on the ball, instead of playing with it as did the JUGGLER. The CHANGER works with full power, amused yet dignified. This is the true spirit of Mercurius: the mind forever balanced upon its sphere while unsettling humanity's conventional patterns, reforming the formed, dissolving the stated fact. The CHANGER'S pastime is to continually conceptualize new combinations from the four elemental toys spread on the golden carpet in front of him: the curved blade, air; the double-headed serpent, fire; the pear, water; the earth, stone.

Interpreted use:

You are alert; prepared for new concepts. Maintain your balance when forces beyond your control shake your sphere.

Reversed (card received upside down):

You are in danger of losing your equilibrium. Don't let the revolution of the ball throw you off your own orbit.