14 | Temperance


General Aspects:

Patriarchal, conquerors, man-made laws, speaking, discipline, duality, antithesis


TEMPERANCE is the patriarchal rendition of ALCHEMY. The angel symbol has been retained, as is displayed by the huge wings. But now TEMPERANCE is decidedly a female who wings the sky, rather than deign to let her feet touch the earth. She withholds the elixir of life, pouring it between two pitchers. Following restrictive man-made laws, she temperately measures out whatever meager quantity she considers ample. There is little sign of abundance here.

Interpreted use:

The more you give, the more you shall receive. Wishing for what you want from life is only half of the game.

Reversed (card received upside down):

Repression, selfishness and isolation. An unused well quickly dries up.