15 | Devil


General Aspects:

Patriarchal, conquerors, man-made laws, speaking, discipline, duality, antithesis


DEVIL is the sensuous tempter who offers luscious grapes from the vine. He holds a candle in the dark night to lead humanity astray. He is the young and drunken Dionysus, Greek god of wine, who chains man and woman by desires to his cloven hoofs. His way is that of addiction to ecstasies, licentiousness and pandemonium. Here DEVIL is the goat, rather than the bull. He stands precariously on the trunk of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, which he cut down, and from which he now presides. No longer do Adam and Eve pluck the apple. They are eating the grape of addictions. Yet a good tug on the chain, in either direction, by the man or woman, will send the tempter toppling down.

Interpreted use:

If the Prince of Darkness knocks at your gate, blow out his alluring candle.

Reversed (card received upside down):

Beware that you don't chop down your Tree of Knowledge. You need it to discriminate between good and evil, lest you end up chained to your addictions.