Tarot card tutorials

There are no secrets in the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer will spill it all out!

Beginners Guide to Tarot

Tarot is a divination tool. Meaning that tarot helps you notice the synchronicity that naturally occurs in your life. It can help you tap into the intelligence of the universe, if you choose to listen.

The easiest way to start using tarot is to think of a question, shuffle your cards with that question in mind. Fan out the cards and choose a card that you feel called to.

When using the Word of One, its recommended to use the Major Arcana and the knights for this style of readings. If you already have an established practice and want to include the Minor Arcana (56 playing cards) feel free to use these cards in any way that you feel compelled.

Ideas for questions:

What do I need to keep in mind today to lower my anxiety?

Is there something that I need to be aware of that is limiting my growth right now?

Is it time for me to make this change?


This layout uses 71 cards, the 4 knights from the minor arcana, the 22 Atlantean cards, 22 Medieval Gypsy cards and the 23 Aquarian cards.

This game can be done in a group or alone, below will be the guide for a solo reading.

It may be helpful to draw a star on a large piece of paper to use as a playing board, or you can refer to your hand to represent each position.

With a question in mind, shuffle the cards. Choose a card for each of the following positions:

  1. Choose an "IN" card and place this in the center, the palm position. This represents where you are in relationship to your question.

  2. The thumb.

The unconscious - What you are hiding deep within yourself; the individual shadow world; the secret dreams which, without realizing it, affect your life. These are the unconscious elements you bring with you into this world. It is the step before birth.

  1. Middle finger.

The body- The birth. The individual needs and desires of your body are shown on this card.

  1. The little finger.

The developing consciousness - You become conscious of the world around you in relation to yourself and your acts, your motives, how you take your conscious steps along life's path and why.

  1. The index finger.

The ego - Why are you? Who do you think you are? Where are you going? Have you yet severed the ties binding you to mother and father? Are you, in turn, tying your own children to you?

  1. The ring finger.

The mask or persona - The image of yourself you choose to show the world relative to the question you are asking or the problem posed.

  1. The "OUT" card. Placed under the "IN" card in the palm position. Showing how the problems can be resolved for the present or what to look forward to.

Once all cards are pulled you can flip them over and start to reach each referring to the numbers to help you understand what area of your life each card is speaking to.