14 | Reverser


General Aspects:

Androgynous, revelation, individuation, sensing, release, balancing, synthesis

Channeled Through ouija Board:

"Correctly channels flow."


Accepting merciful water from above in uplifted hand, the REVERSER transmutes it into creative energy- fire - which flows downward from the other hand's extended fingers. This androgynous figure is a channel of service for humanity, balancing the elements, using them unerringly with simplicity, in open awareness of the substantial flow.

In the Aquarian Age, the REVERSER stands on the desert, one grain of sand like all the others, an example of true selflessness.

Interpreted use:

Transmute your energies into selfless service to achieve completeness.

Reversed (card received upside down):

When used for further aggrandizement, increasing power, fire can also burn earth's bounty, causing sterile and dead sand. You are that which you are seeking.