Index of Minor Arcana

Index of the 56 playing cards

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Minor Arcana represent archetypal situations and people

The 52 playing cards are governed by outer forces instead of inner subconscious forces like the major arcana.

Numbered cards (1-10) of each suit:

Each number relates to a planet.

Each suit represents an element: air, fire, water and earth.

Each card has a unique word that represents its meaning.

Face cards - Queen, King and Page:

The face cards represent the archetype of people that you might meet or that are involved in your question.

Each face card is related to an astrological zodiac sign.

Each suit represents an element: air fire, water and earth

THe Knights

Knights, like the Major Arcena, work from the unconscious.

The Knights are the energies of stability, synthesis, action and intellect. The Knights are archetypal rulers of the fixed, mutable and cardinal crosses of the zodiac; they are catalysts, and they cause the rotation of the cards within the Royal Maze.

The Knights of the Piscean Age were warriors protecting the monarchy from invaders, using their energy to go out to do battle for prestige or gain. Now they have put down their helmets and weapons; they directly employ the abstract principle behind each function's energy force. Each Knight represents in turn one of four principles; each is an extremely potent force for positive explosive results.

Following the emerging paradigm of the universe as one continuous process, the knights are seen as extremely powerful metaphors for potent creative force. At the fulcrum of this force is the ever changing birth and resolution of chaos. This is the energy behind the birth, death, and rebirth cycle.

Each knight represents one of the four elemental energy principles. These are continually in motion, evolving and impacting that which surrounds them. They represent the creative force in motion, the endless creating and resolution of elemental chaos.