20 | Judgement


General Aspects:

Patriarchal, conquerors, man-made laws, speaking, discipline, duality, antithesis


Sometimes called Resurrection, JUDGEMENT depicts a joyous angel trumpeting a woman and a man out of their graves. Both gaze lovingly toward the third figure encased in an egg, their babe to be born into the coming age. By the power of the sound from the trumpeting angel, the babe shall be awakened and an evolution in learning will be experienced. The babe is due to become the Knower of the Aquarian Age. "Begin again, begin again and again and again!", the angel trumpets.

Interpreted use:

You have a possibility of immediate resurrection. It is time to accept yourself and the opportunity for change. Listen to the trumpet's challenge coming from within.

Reversed (card received upside down):

If you pay attention only to Piscean justice you have no choice. JUDGEMENT will be delivered upon you.