4 | SOlidity


General Aspects:

Matriarchal, solidifiers, deep causals, hearing, reaction, matrix, thesis

Quote from American Heritage Dictionary:

"The condition or property of being solid, compact and hard. Stability."


In the Atlantean matriarchal cards, the father-like characteristics of SOLIDITY represent stubborn and unrelenting will of an undeveloped intellect. Like Jehovah in the Old Testament, he is fiercely jealous, demanding obedience. "Because I told you so" is sufficient reason.

In one hand he holds the aggressive Mars, and in the other he bears the T-cross scepter of the Atlantean race. Above the cross Saturn appears in its single horizontal dimension of time. He considers himself omnipotent over the water, thus the flood of primitive emotion arises to engulf him.

Interpreted use:

Great power lies in your hands. Use not the T-cross for a weapon; use it as a guide for further initiation.

Reversed (card received upside down):

Count not on your throne to hold you up; thrones do not float!