19 | Sun


General Aspects:

Patriarchal, conquerors, man-made laws, speaking, discipline, duality, antithesis


The sun predominates this Book of the SUN, shining and enormous. Its monstrous nuclear energy is still held in balance. Again, the female and male natures are portrayed, but this time as innocent babes at play. Sheltered by a heavy wall that crosses the center of the Trump, the children do not notice the SUN, nor will it burn them while they are thus protected. They are too interested in their own little games of exploration to climb the wall and discover its mighty presence. Little do they realize that man will reach a nuclear age in patriarchal times. No wall will protect them if their innocent games upset the delicate equilibrium of the nucleus.

Interpreted use:

The Sun is above you. Enjoy it, feel its warmth, employ its sustaining energy; but understand that you are standing under a force capable of shattering the earth.

Reversed (card received upside down):

A big opportunity may be missed by game playing. Rather than getting to involved with child's play, look behind the wall.