9 | Seeker


General Aspects:

Androgynous, revelation, individuation, sensing, release, balancing, synthesis

Channeled Through ouija Board:

"Seeker moves in the right direction."


The SEEKER has dropped the robe and laid down the staff no longer useful. The SEEKER knows it needs no protection or assistance. In contrast to the monk's search for guidance, the SEEKER of the Aquarian Age is on its individual path toward the light of enlightenment.

The SEEKER has come to the choice at the crossroads. Rather than follow the wealthy person on the easy road to the city, the SEEKER, blindfolded, sets out on the rugged journey up the mountain with hands outstretched, relying on inner guidance alone. Were his eyes open, he might be momentarily diverted and forget his true inner sensing.

Interpreted use:

The forward step is a mighty one. No outer help can assist you. Use as compass your own heart.

Reversed (card received upside down):

You are at the crossroads, blinded by the glittering city. Blindfold yourself, and sense the fire at the top of the mountain if you would avoid temptation.