8 | Truth


General Aspects:

Matriarchal, solidifiers, deep causals, hearing, reaction, matrix, thesis

Quote from American Heritage Dictionary:

"Sincerity; integrity; fidelity to an enduring or repeatedly demonstrated truth."


Truth is. She is accepting the will of the inexorable cosmic law. She is just being. She obeys the tides and phases of the moon, knowing that she connot do anything to change them. She exemplifies "Thy will be done". The nine moons above the ancient archetype's head represent cosmic moons orbiting in a cast distance. She is as steady and reliable as the moon in its mystical phases.

The sword TRUTH holds points to an equally impersonal subterranean moon . TRUTH is law, but it is the LAW of the Universe. When the little figures portrayed at her feet beg for mercy from the elements, TRUTH, with her double-edged sword, is beyond them, unalterable.

Interpreted use:

You already know that time and the tides stop for no one. TRUTH is beyond change; use the moment.

Reversed (card received upside down):

Don't beg for mercy from others. Just be true to yourself.