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Word of One Tarot

The Word of One Tarot combines 3 decks in one.

Atlantian, Medieval and Aquarian

Each tarot card represents projections of 22 archetypal concepts from the collective unconscious. Humanity's growing consciousness through a time span of many thousands of years is reflected in these trumps. Uniting these three decks into a single pack is a way to gain new insights about ourselves and our consciousness changes.

Atlantian Tarot Deck

22 arcane represent an ancient and hidden realm from an unreasoning level, the world of the archetypes, gods and dragons. The cards reveal an antediluvian world of myths and magic. This world was populated by those who named and solidified our earth with cosmic law and order. The 22 major trumps are symbolic pictographs from the time of the so called "fall of Atlantis".

In a reading they represent the basic depths of the collective unconscious; causes centered in or arising from the oceans of the ancestral past.

It has been written that when Atlantis sank into the sea, one clue remained: a set of 22 carvings of stone. these were given to the few survivors. in order to remind them of who and whet they were. They from from and represent a matriarchal age.

Aspects: matriarchal, solidifiers, deep causals, hearing, reaction, matrix, thesis.


22 cards represent the discipline of the patriarchal age, how reaching its conclusion. In this deck, the Gypsy trumps image the dream level of the past 4000 years.

The Gypsy stack of 22 trumps are the more recognizable major trumps drawn first in medieval times and utilized in Tarot packs of today.

This particular Gypsy set has been redrawn incorporating the ideas found in the earliest Italian and French decks before they were conventionalized into stereotypes. As they were most popular during the Middle Ages, they image the level of consciousness during those times.

Since the Gypsies brought them into Europe, they have a curious whimsy merged with cynicism and bald realism. It has been said that the Sufis were the originators of the Tarot, but it must be remembered that the Sufis of Islam were taught by a far older group who followed the ancient Horned God, Barra Deval. These people, covered in soot, were for their secret wisdom and their knowledge of iron. They were the original smiths and alchemists.

Aspects: patriarchal, conquerors, man-made laws, speaking, discipline, duality, antithesis.

Aquarian Tarot Deck

These cards point the way to the future when appearing in any reading and are often indicators of where a person or group is at the present moment.

The Aquarian 23 - wherever they appear - bring with them a quality of freedom and release, a forward movement, a deliberated change. When placed next to the earlier trumps, the progressed concepts are seen to be on a higher and more positive level.

Behind the mask of this progressed Tarot, lies a teaching - the teaching of One. This teaching is precise and simple, and has a character consistently its own. These cards represent the androgynous age coming in.

The Aquarian Tarot includes a 23rd trump - The Wanderer.

It is representative of the unique Self, never still, constantly evolving. This care is left blank for your self as you image it.

Aspects: androgynous, revelation, individuation, sensing, release, balancing, synthesis.

The Word of One Tarot also comes with a progressed version of the Minor Arcana playing cards

56 Playing Cards

This is similar to a regular set of playing cards except that the suits have been changed to embody the elemental forces: air, fire, water and earth.

Blades - Air

Serpents - Fire

Pears - Water

Stones - Earth

Numbered Tarot Cards

Numbered 1-10 each number and suit has a unique meaning. These cards represent outside forces acting on your life.

Royal Trumps

King, queen and page cards are indications of the attitudes or dispositions people involved in a situation at the given moment. These cards each relate to the zodiac signs (astrological signs) and planets.


Knights represent positive explosive forces. They are powerful metaphors for potent creative force. Like the Major Arcana they work from the unconscious.